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We will try to move the content of the old forum to the new host if possible!

This site is operated by paying members who wanted to have a site devoted to designing quality scenarios for Norm Koger's computer wargame 'The Operational Art of War' (TOAW). Here we design, discuss, and playtest scenarios, post articles and other related material, and operate a discussion board devoted to relevant topics.

Visitors are welcome and we hope you will browse our site, contribute to our discussions and download any material you find here that interests you. Note that some of the scenarios and articles are not for unrestricted redistribution. Please respect the restrictions stated within an individual contributor's work

The unfinished scenarios are blocked as we do not want our unfinished projects floating around. If your interested in seeing a scenario that is a work in progress please contact the designer.

If You find you would like to become further involved with us, contact Pelle Holmen or any of the other members listed in the about us section.

Please direct any questions regarding this site to

Pelle Holmen